Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sanctuary by the Sea

Panoromic views from the beach house
Bright light in the morning
Casting a glow of sunrise over the bay
Gentle breeze, lapping waves, calm, quiet, peace of the day.

Clapper board beach house
Wooden painted floors and weather beaten, sun drenched deck
Pared back, wood stripped, bare, painted furniture
Laid back easy summer living
'Sitouteries' in sunshine and shade
Shelter from the easy sea breeze.

House by the sea
Clear blue, azure skies
High candy floss clouds
Ripples in the sky, reflecting ripples in the beach
Sea flowing and ebbing
Stripes of turquoise, blue, turqouise, blue, turqouise
Endless horizon.

Beach huts sitting pretty in the sun
Fisherman's huts vibrant with wares
Morris dancers in the square
Sunshine and jazz in the harbour cafe
Vintage, quintessential ice cream trolly
Treasure trove hunting, exploring quirky stores.

Wooden house by the beach
Sizzling hot barbeques in the heat of the day
Fresh fish from the harbour
Homebaked bread and ripened olives from the deli
Coffee shop aromas, delicious, alfresco food and drinks on the deck.

Outside refreshing deck shower
Cooling fresh swim in the heat of the day
Late noon paddles, washing cares away
A walk down the street of shingle and sand
Where waves lap your feet and gently roll to land.

Changing, swaying, simmering seascapes afront the haven house,
Blue, turqouise, grey, midnight, inky blue, sea mist swirling
Hues of amber, red and orange glowing glows of burnished gold
The earth set alight in the sunset aftermath
Black, still dark night, the earth swathed in still dark scarlet.

Candlelight in the dark still of the night
Hot, humid, calm
Cool fresh nights 
Real, crackling, sparking, warming, stoked fire
Family game of scrabble by the firelight.

Slumber to the lapping waves
Ebbing, flowing, ebbing, flowing
Sleeping, slumber, sleeping, slumber.

Clapper board beach house
Food for the soul
Peaceful, healing, peaceful, healing. 


  1. Hi Kathryn, that is beautifully written and sounds lovely (where can I book??!!). Hope you`re ok and having a good weekend. Jane x

  2. Thank you Jane, we were in Whitstable, Kent, never been before, a very lovely place!