Wednesday, 18 September 2013

And so back to Dorset


This weekend has been a very hectic one. It is university time once again and so like many other parents this weekend, it was time to do some serious car packing and drive off to university with everything but a kitchen sink in tow. This time we were a bit more experienced at it, as it's Rose's second year, but this time she is renting a house rather than staying in the university's own accommodation, so we needed to think of packing a few different things than last year. Having just managed to squeeze everything in the car, we set off with some trepidation back to Dorset.

Poole Harbour
Wimborne Minster
I say 'with some trepidation' as a few days beforehand we had been phoned up by the letting agency to say the house owner was in the middle of building an extension and Rose's house wasn't finished, so we were a little worried about what to expect once we got there. 

We managed to get about half way to Dorset, when I suddenly realised in all the whirl that I had forgotten my spare medical pump for my intravenous medication. Now, this I know I cannot manage without, I get serious symptoms should I have to have my medication interrupted for any more than a few minutes now, so it isn't possible to reuse the pump already in use, as it would mean interrupting the flow for too long while it rewinds itself ready to use and to do this for each medication change for the few days we were going to be away is far too risky. So we had to do a u- turn and go back home to get it. Several hours later than planned and cursing myself and my IV drugs we managed to arrive safely in Dorset. 
Kingston Lacy

I haven't ever forgotten my pump before, but there is so much to organise and remember when you are travelling and you need to take a serious amount of medication with you, and it can be even more difficult if you aren't feeling too good, which I hadn't been that morning. In fact I haven't really been at my best for the last week or two and I had been considering whether or not I should even be going, but I felt determined I would whatever. Since I've been ill, doing things and sharing things with my family has become more important than ever and I really wanted to see Rose's new house and be there to help her move in. For me it would be yet another milestone I have managed to achieve, so there was no stopping me really. 

I always say to myself, 'what is the worst that can happen?' Well I could end up in bed for the few days whilst we were away or I could end up in A & E; both have happened to me before while we have been away from home and although unpleasant,  I still managed to live to tell the tale! I had had similar happen last week with feeling very unwell before we went into London to watch Rose's marathon, we ended up risking travelling in with me not feeling very well six or seven hours later than planned and I had to tell my girls to travel in without me and we followed later. The weekend turned out well in the end and we had a great time, so inspired by this I felt I really wanted to try and get down to Bournemouth. Sometimes it would be easy just not to bother, but the rewards when you do try and then it all works out are so much higher, you appreciate every little minute you experience and if it doesn't work out, then it doesn't work out and you just have to try again the next time.

Once in Bournemouth we managed to get Rose all moved in and settled. The building works aren't really affecting them too much and the house is spacious, in excellent order and at the moment very clean. Rose is sharing with a few boys as well as one of her best friends and they all helped bring her stuff in, which was good for Rob after his extra long journey. We spent a very wet Sunday shopping in the Range with a big trolley load of bits and pieces she needed and then went back to her house and completed all those finishing touches. Her room looked cosy and just how she had planned it. Her room mates are a great crowd this year and we left one very happy girl, who after having a difficult year last year, was thrilled to be in such lovely digs and with lovely people. 

We enjoyed a days rest on Monday, where we drove around Poole Harbour, visited Wimborne Minster, a lovely market town  and Kingston Lacy, a National Trust house and garden. A few more places on my 'Dorset' list have now been ticked off. We hadn't had room in the car for the wheelchair this time, but luckily being a disabled friendly National Trust place, we were able to borrow a wheelchair at Kingston Lacy so I got to see a lot more of it than I might have, which was great. And there are some bonuses to rising at 6am to make up medication, we were rewarded every day with a gorgeous sunrise over Sandbanks, where we were staying for the weekend. I will add we were just in a small self catering apartment not one of the luxury mansions you see on the television! 

Sunset over Sandbanks
All in all, it all turned out to be another good trip, we popped in to say our goodbyes to Rose and left her as happy as Larry and I left Dorset one very happy mum having achieved another milestone in our family life and knowing she was so happy and settled. Of course I am never going to hear the end of the 'forgetting of my pump incident', but I will just have to live with that one!

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