Saturday, 30 November 2013

Just Visiting

One big step I've been aiming for since my transplant is to feel well enough to go and visit my mum in Lancashire, meet up with my family and visit the Lake District. I didn't really believe I would manage any of this until after Christmas, but I kept having an overwhelming urge to go, especially as it was just one year since I lost my dad and I wanted to spend time with mum. I made up my mind that I would give it a try - I reasoned I could have had to travel that far and back just to have my transplant or attend weekly clinics, like many other patients have to who go to Papworth, so therefore I should be able to manage the journey. We set off on Sunday when we knew the traffic would be quieter and planned our route carefully with plenty of stops.

We stopped off in Lancashire first and stayed with my mum, we had a lovely family get together and met up with my sister and her family and I got chance to spend lots of time with my gorgeous neice Ruby and my very special nephew Oliver, who both really lifted my spririts.  It was so good to see them all. I did my usual trick of pinching myself to check it was really happening! 

We then went on to the Lake District, where we met up with Sarah and Oli for a few days. There was so much I wanted to see and do up there, but I was very tired by now and knew I would have to pace myself. We managed to have a little lookout just for an hour or so each day, just going to one or two of our favourite places and driving around taking photographs. It was just so nice to be back in Cumbria again and spend time away relaxing with my family, when I hadn't really thought it would be possible so soon after my transplant. Again, I was doing what is becoming a common occurrance and pinching myself that it was really happening. We had a good catch up with our neighbours, it was good to see them again so soon too. On Wednesday, we had a lovely visit from our friend Sally, who drove all the way up from Leigh to see us and we had a really good chat and catch up over a few coffees. Hopefully we will be able to do that again soon in the near future. 

Thursday, we went back down to Lancashire and stayed over with my mum again for an evening and met up with more family, before we headed back home on Friday. Although I had to really pace myself carefully and take lots of rest, and once or twice I did come close to calling the Transplant Team for reassurance - it is a bit unnerving to be so far away - it was a really good week, we got to see lots of family and friends and it felt a big achievement to make that first journey away from home and to manage it so soon after my operation. I would have never believed it possible even just a few weeks ago. 

It felt funny going away and not having to phone the Transplant Team and inform them of all our movements and timings while we were away. Suddenly we can just take off again when we like and do what we want without having to tell someone, just like old times; it felt odd not to have my transplant case in tow just in case the call comes while we are away. I have to admit though, I still find myself putting my mobile by my bedside at nights, just in case I get my call and then having to remind myself, 'Mmm you've already had it, you really don't want another one!' I also keep looking for my pump and line especially in the night in bed, because I was always conscious I might pull it at night and then I suddenly remember it isn't there anymore; habits all relentlessy built up over the last few years that really need to go now! 

Hopefully we will be going back soon and I might be able to do even more next time. I'm hoping that I might manage a really good walk one day in the near future and I'm still dreaming about taking my kayak out on Lake Coniston next summer... watch this space! 

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