Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Birthday Treats

Celebrations started with Sarah and Oli in the pub at weekend!
Today has been a very special one, as it's my birthday, my first one with my new heart and lungs. As I woke up this morning, the sun was shining and birds were singing and I knew I had already had the best gift I could have wished for. To just wake up and feel well early in the morning is still a very special treat for me. It was a bit like Christmas day again when I felt overwhelmed by what had happened to me and the fact that I had been given a second chance of life again with my family and friends.

On days like this it always comes flooding back just how lucky I have been. This time I could look back to Christmas and see how far I have come with my health just since then. At Christmas I was thrilled with how much better I was than before my transplant. Today, three months on and six months since my heart and double lung transplant, I look back again and can see the leaps and bounds I've made since just Christmas.

One of my lovely cards - a hand made one by a special friend!

I've totally got my independence back again now, I'm am out and about on my own and driving again. My exercise capacity is improving by the week, I have come from doing nothing to now doing some yoga, aerobics, cycling exercise and walking for quite a few miles. I'm back gardening in my garden too and shopping and I have to grudgingly admit I can now manage a huge pile of ironing and hoover and mop - but can you keep that secret for now - we don't want Mr G finding that one out! 

Yes, even hoovering and ironing is a joy! When things are taken from you, you just wish forlornly you could do them once more! 

One of my presses - the whole box set!

A gift from my sister - a vintage brooch

some silk slippers - a gift my friend brought back from HongKong
My body feels stronger than I can ever remember. It used to feel like there was nothing inside it, or if there was it was just sawdust - a bit like the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. I often felt like him, especially waiting for a new heart and he was always looking for one!  Now I can just feel strength inside, it feels heightened I think, because I just didn't have any left before. 

It is proof that transplant can be such an amazing miracle and what a huge difference it can make to someone's life. It is not only life saving, but life changing. Sometimes it is just hard to grasp how much it has done for me and how much it has given me. For now I've got my quality of life back and I cannot thank my donor and their family enough for what they have given me, this wonderful chance to do all the things I never dared hope I'd be able to do again. This chance to enjoy a truly happy and healthy birthday with my family and friends. 

We had a pub lunch with Rose today, then afternoon tea in John Lewis

Followed by a cheeky glass of wine later! Cheers everyone! Thanks for a lovely day!

Signing up to the organ donor register is an important thing to think about, discuss with your family and do. Remember you are much more likely to need an organ, rather than have to give one. Would you take an organ if you needed one? Think about it, if the answer is 'yes', then you should be prepared to give as well. I have friends waiting for heart and double lung transplants. They are having a really difficult time at the moment, they have been waiting ages for their chance of a new life like me. I know first hand how desperate things feel when you have to wait like this, being frightened that your call may not come in time, being desperate for that one call that can make you feel better. Please think about it and sign up to the organ donor register if you haven't already. The link is below.


  1. Happy birthday Kathryn, May you have many more happy and healthy birthdays. Am hoping more people think about donating, to give those on the list a wonderful chance. X

  2. Thank you Kath, I really hope so too. It is just so hard for those waiting xxx