Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Time for the Manometry and PH Testing

It had been looming there in the background now for months and having just come back from holiday it was time to get back to reality and start preparing for the following week's manometry and PH tests. This is often routine testing for patients who have had a lung transplant. It is to ensure that there is no stomach acid getting down into and damaging the new lungs. In my case, there is some concern as I have had a bad cough since having my transplant, but on the other hand it may still just be healing from the transplant operation. I am keeping my fingers crossed, because if it is stomach problems, then I will probably have to have a stomach fundoplication operation and just like anyone else I'm not very keen on that idea!

To get ready for this, a week before the test I had to come off some stomach medication that I was put on straight after my transplant, Omeprazole. When I made my appointment for the test, the nurse had said to me, we will make it at least a week after your holiday, as we don't want you feeling ill on holiday when you come off your medication. I didn't really attach much importance to this, well how can one little tablet, probably one of the least potent ones I'm on cause trouble? Well enough said, within less than 24 hours of coming off it, I had developed a severe headache and was sick. The headache continued all week getting marginally better as the week went on and every day I felt nauseous. It felt like my pre transplant days again and was a bit of a shock, but at least I knew I just had to get through the week and then once tests were done I could go back on the medication. I had to cancel most things I had planned that week, but it did settle by weekend thank goodness. 

During the test a tube is passed through your nose, along the back of your throat, down the oesophagus and into the stomach and they measure the strength and muscle co- ordination of the oesophagus as you swallow water. The tube is then removed and then another one inserted which has a small probe attached to it, which goes into your stomach and a recorder attached at the other end. You have to carry this around for 24 hours, so it can record what is going on in your stomach. 

Monday was testing day and I really didn't like it. I have had endless bronchoscopies, but they always sedate me for that, this one they wanted to do it without sedation, it wasn't very pleasant and if I'm honest I found it really stressful. I had a touch of deja vu once it was done, walking round with a machine once more with a tube, but at least it was only for 24 hours and not for  three years this time. Tuesday, I was back at hospital again to have it removed. The staff laughed as I came in smiling this time, 'You're looking much happier today now your having it removed!' It was soon out and I was relieved and feeling happy again and able to go back on my Omeprazole. 

I'm just waiting for the results to be analysed now and hopefully may have them back for my July clinic.  I'm still waiting to hear where my pelvic floor operation is going to be done. There is lots of umming and ahhing going on, as my local hospital are a little bit wary of me being a heart and double lung transplant patient, but there you go, I cannot say I'm in a rush to be back in the operating theatre again, so I will let them take their time deciding for now! 

Amongst all the medical stuff and cancelling half of last week, I managed to finish the week on a complete high. Firstly, I found out I'd won Woman and Home's, 'Seize the Day' competition, where I'd written to them about my transplant and how it had changed my life and then I went wedding dress shopping with Sarah, so these last few weeks are not lost; there's lots of positive things happening and I have got a step nearer with some of the medical problems I'm still dealing with, which can only be good news. 

So Monday started with tubes and the rest of it, Friday I'm off to have a full style and makeover courtesy of Woman and Home. (more on that later) It's a bit of a rollercoaster week for stress and excitement or let's just say I'm having a rather 'colourful' week! 

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  1. I love reading your blog ,Kath. It sounds as though there are plenty of scary moments, but so much to be thankful for. You`re doing so well...and seizing the day is certainly what it`s all about x