Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hospitals and Writing

It is twelve months this week since we lost our very dear friend Ann, who bravely fought a hard battle against very severe PH and sadly did not survive after her first few months post heart and lung transplant. We often talk about Ann and remember her with much fondness. She was such an inspirational character to us and still is. We are thinking of Anne's family and friends this week and know how difficult it will be for them. She will always be in our hearts and never forgotten. 

I was supposed to have my tests at transplant clinic this week, but they have been postponed for a few weeks. It worries me about whether my blood levels will be all right after all the stopping and starting of my medication over this last month, so I was almost looking forward to having my blood tests so I can be told all is nice and settled again. I feel fine at the moment though and back to normal again so I must learn not to worry I suppose and I know I am back at clinic in a few weeks time. 

We still weren't hospital free though. This week it was Mr Graham's turn as he had to have some routine checks, which he has every five years. We were back at the QE2 in Welwyn Garden City for the third time in a week and I'm pleased to say that all the tests were all fine. I think he rather enjoyed being the patient for once and getting all the fuss. It must be so wearing keep going to hospital all the time with me. He has to do all the sitting about usually, at least I'm up and down doing things or having things done, but he just has to sit about and wait and I think it must get so boring for him now after all this time. Next week we are hoping will be hospital and doctor free, we haven't had one of these weeks since May, so I'm keeping fingers crossed. 

I had some good news the other day too. I sent an article I had written to 'Cumbria' magazine and they emailed me back more or less straight away to say they would be able to publish it for me. It is going to be in their November issue - yes I'm finding out that all the magazines have to work a few months ahead of themselves.  My article is all about Cumbria being an inspiration to me to get myself better after my transplant, so I'm delighted they are going to publish it. It will be yet another audience to reach. I always think the more people we can reach with our real life stories about transplant, the better and hopefully there may be some positive impact. 

I treated myself to a new mac book recently so I've now made a good start on the book I'm writing about my transplant. Having the laptop means I can write wherever takes my fancy and get my thoughts down when they pop in my head! I always forget my ideas if I wait until later. It's going to take time, but now I've actually made those initial steps to get going with it I know I will need to finish it! That's my big project and it feels like quite a challenge. My writing course is also keeping me busy and getting me thinking of other writing ideas too. 

So after having to give up work and worrying what I might do with myself once I'd had my transplant and got better, I'm finding more than enough to keep me busy and enjoying myself with it in to the bargain! 


  1. Hey Kath, I've been following your story for a while now. It's so cool that you're writing a book on your experience, I'd love to read it. :) Take care.

  2. Thanks, I will keep everyone updated how it's going!