Sunday, 1 February 2015

21 Today!

This week was Rose's 21st birthday. It was a celebration I'd always hoped to see, but when I was first diagnosed when she was only 16, it didn't look very promising that I would ever see it. I couldn't really begin to think as far ahead as five years, but all that changed with my transplant thank goodness and not only did I get to celebrate with her, I was fit and well enough to go into London with all my family to celebrate. 

We enjoyed a great evening seeing a show in the West End - Matilda - that was a surprise for Rose. The following evening we all went to dinner at a restaurant in Borough Market with some family friends - Lisa one of her friends - had flown back from Valencia in Spain as another surprise. We had a fantastic and memorable time. 

For me, her birthday was another special moment, another big milestone and I'm just so grateful that I've been so lucky. Live and celebrate every moment, we cannot take anything for granted...

Happy times! 

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