Thursday, 24 March 2016


It's very nearly Easter and time for a restful few days I hope. Lots of things have been happening during March and since my book launch for 'Life is for the Living'.

I've had a few clinic visits for tests and monitoring this month following my episode with CMV virus at Christmas. It's taken time to get over it and I'm still having my immunosuppression increased and being closely monitored as my doctors want to keep a balance of no rejection levels and no return of the CMV. I'm also being kept on the Valganciclovir drug to stop the CMV returning. My blood pressure has been rising again too - a side effect of the immunosuppression drugs. I've had a new drug Ramipril intoduced - as well as the Amlodipine which I'm already on- to help lower it and so far it seems to be doing the trick. I'm still waiting for blood test results, but if they are ok I'm due back at clinic next month again. It feels reassuring to be checked regularly at the moment and I've just decided to let the doctors do the worrying.

I've been feeling really well despite all this, and the only symptom I'm still experiencing is tiredness. The problem is I don't know if it is a symptom or not, as since Christmas I've been really busy with editing, publishing and launching my book. Mostly though, I've been running around with Ted, our puppy. I think I'd forgotten how much hard work having a puppy is - I was only 21 when I last had a puppy so it's a very long time ago! 

I'm usually up and about with Ted just after 6 in the morning, so it's early starts to the day - sometimes we are out and about in the park very early and I try and walk him twice a day. I think it may be the early starts that make me feel extra tired by the evening, as since I fell ill and even after my transplant I hadn't been getting up much before 7.30am. I'd always seen the  extra lie in as a bonus for not working anymore. So I think the extra tiredness may have come with one very cute cocker spaniel pup. On the plus side Ted is keeping me active and has helped me build my strength back up again since Christmas.

I'm planning a quiet Easter with lots  of fresh air, walking, reading and rest. And talking of reading - fancy a good book to read this Easter? I know a good one - Life is for the Living - look it up on Amazon  - £8.99 for a paperback and £3.99 on Kindle! The link is on the side bar.

Have a very happy and peaceful Easter everyone.

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