Saturday, 23 April 2016

Dogs, Norfolk and Birthday Time Again

April. That time of year again. Birthdays. Another celebration. A time to just stop and think about how lucky I've been and appreciate life. I wouldn't have believed I'd reach this milestone a few years back, but here I am enjoying precious moments with my family all thanks to the special person who gave me my second chance in life two and a half years ago now. Another birthday celebration. 

My family planned me a surprise weekend in one of my favourite places, Brancaster in Norfolk. As we now have Ted our cocker spaniel pup, and Sarah and Oli have Alfie, their cocker spaniel. We stayed in a very lovely and dog friendly pub and took our dogs with us. 

Now this may seem silly, but this was another one of my dreams - yes sometimes my dreams may seem small. But I just had this picture of us all when I was thinking of having a puppy last year. All of us walking together on the beach with our dogs running riot, having a whale of a time running in and out of the sea or running in the countryside, while we just all strolled along relaxed, chatting and happy. 

And now that little dream has come true. I didn't ever believe life could move on so much from how it once was. That I'd be walking and running on beaches chasing after two cocker spaniels. Well mainly chasing after Ted, as it was his first outing to the beach! 

I'd said to Sarah when we first had Ted, that I couldn't wait for us all to go away together with the dogs. While we were down on the beach Sarah asked, 'Is this what you'd imagined?' And yes it was. Breathing the fresh sea air deep down in my precious new lungs; walking and running; just being with my family; laughing and playing games with our energetic young dogs. Simple pleasures, precious moments and making more new memories. 

That is the miracle of organ donation. 


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