Thursday, 19 January 2017

Which Books Are You Reading?

Which books are you reading?

I'm currently reading a fictional book 'Circling The Sun' by Paula McLain. This is actually a fictional and historical memoir based around the facts of the colourful life of Beryl Markham - the first woman to fly across the Atlantic solo. Much of the book focuses on her childhood and life in Kenya and takes the reader through living a tough childhood and life during the 1920s in a Kenyan valley. It takes us through Kenya's spectacular landscapes and gives a slice of living in colonnial Kenya with its isolation, partying and scandalous divorces. So far I'm loving what I've read up to now, her story is remarkable, but it's the setting that's captivating for me. The descriptions of Kenya takes me straight back to our honeymoon and while I'm reading it I'm constantly conjuring up memories of the African savannahs; the wild, dangerous and exotic animals; the red, dusty sands and tracks and the feeling of being thousands of miles away from anywhere... I love a book that can do this. 

I've also a few non fiction books about dogs on the go - partly because I love dogs and I'm in the middle of writing another memoir about my first year with Ted and partly because we are still training Ted. India Knight's book 'The Goodness Of Dogs' has many good tips on training and is a fabulous read for any dog lover. As I read in a review of it somewhere, it is written as though you are sat down and having a chat with a dog loving friend. There's plenty of humour to enjoy, which gave me a chuckle and reminded me of Ted. 

I'm also dipping in and out of 'Dog Songs' by Mary Oliver a Pulitzer Prize winner for her poetry. As the blurb on the cover describes, this is a collection of poems celebrating the special bond between humans and dogs and illustrates how dogs can 'open our eyes to lessons of the moment and the joys of nature and connection'. A thoughtful and endearing read and I can definitely relate her experiences with her dogs to my own dog Ted and dogs I've had in my life previously. 

Rob was given 'Very British Problems' by Rob Temple for Christmas and I have to say I've been sneaking a quick read of it every now and again because I follow 'Very British Problems' on Twitter and the Tweets always bring a smile to my face. It sums up how we Brits are often socially awkward but very well meaning. A book to dip in and out of and give you a laugh when you need one. 

Then I've a couple of books on 'style' that I'm checking in and out of. One of them was a lovely surprise gift from a friend when I was unwell before Christmas. She knows I'm a bit of a scarf collector and was interested in this book aptly named 'How To Use A Scarf'. It was a lovely surprise to receive it and a great motivator when I felt unwell to get dressed up and try out a new scarf style. Just the ticket to feeling good. I'm still dipping in and out of it to try new ideas for my scarf collection. Maybe my scarf collection and the new ways to wear them could make another blog one day! 

I also treated myself to Anna Harvey's 'Timeless Style'. I love Vogue magazine and fashion, so I was interested to pick up a few good tips from an ex Vogue editor. I'm still have this book close by, popping in and out of it when I feel the urge. I find when I've been battling with ups and downs that to try and make an effort to look good can help. 

That's my reading for now and I've always a whole lot more stacking up and waiting for when I'm ready for a new read. Here's a few waiting and ready: 

I better get a move on. Too many interesting books and that's just a few...

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