Friday, 10 February 2017

The Gift of Life

I've been incredibly lucky to have received my life saving heart and lung transplant over three years ago and during those three years I've been able to see and do so many things. There have been big family milestones such as Rose's 21st, our Silver Wedding Anniversary and seeing Sarah and Oli get married.  This autumn I saw both our girls graduate. 

When I found out I was really sick before my transplant these were all future events that flashed through my mind . A myriad of pictures one after another whizzing in front of me; future dreams; dreams that I'd perhaps always taken for granted now slipping away in the face of illness. And then came the gift of my heart and lungs - the gift of new life for me and a gift that restored our family again. A gift that gave me back those dreams. 

Now our family has been given another new gift of life, our brand new baby grandson, Freddie, born just a few weeks ago. My dreams back then didn't stretch as far as this - I hadn't dared hope I don't think or dared to even wish for so much. Now every achievement, dream and wish has been surpassed with the arrival of Freddie. I cannot thank my donor or their family enough for enabling me to  see this moment and to hold my precious first grandchild in my arms. 

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