Friday, 12 May 2017

National Nurse's Day

Having been in and out of hospital and needing to go to my Transplant Clinic even more regulary than usual lately, I couldn't let National Nurse's Day and Week go by, without giving the nurses who look after my specialist care a mention. How would I have got through the latest roller coaster of the last seven months without them? And that's not even thinking about the last seven years. 

Firstly, there's the hard work of my specialist Transplant Nurses that I'm so grateful for. It's not only their hard work in looking after me on both the ward and in clinic, where they sort my medications, tests needed and test results, but the actual 'TLC' that they do it with. Those little moments when they take you to one side during a busy clinic and ask if you are doing ok when they don't have to do. The little extra touches when they can see you aren't doing so good and they whisk you in a side room and give that extra time for you that they hadn't planned for, so you can pour out your troubles and they can reassure you. It's like having an extended family. 

Then there are the nurses who run the ward I regulary stay on. I know many of the nurses and they know me, as I've been a regular visitor to the ward for nearly seven years now. It's always a huge relief during a health crisis to arrive on the ward and see a familiar and friendly face smiling at me. Often I will feel anxious if I'm unwell, but my nurses will put me at ease and make me feel safe and secure. I feel assured that I will be well looked after and can relax a little more. They make it like a second home - a save haven when the rollercoaster is running too high and fast. 

So it's a massive thank you to all the nursing staff, who are so dedicated and committed to make such a difference for us patients, who need life long and specialist care. Hospital is a part of our lives and our nurses make such a huge difference. 

And ... a big 'shout out' to everyone in the nursing profession for everything they do for their patients to help make their lives more comfortable during difficult and frightening episodes in their lives and for helping to save lives. 

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