Wednesday, 17 October 2012

August Bank Holiday Weekend and All Set for Uni 2012

Rudbekia in the border
Our plan to go off to the Lake District was scuppered for a few days because of my suspected line infection. I was really lucky as I was preparing to go to A & E, which is the last thing on earth I wanted to do on a bank holiday weekend, the doctor from Papworth called me back and agreed to let me go there to get a swab and blood cultures taken. This was a great relief as A and E and bank holidays equals lack of staff and plentiful drunks from my experience.

Sweet peas at Askham Hall
As usual, the staff at Papworth dealt with everything efficiently and I was in and back out of hospital within less than an hour, swabs done, blood cultures taken and antibiotics and painkillers prescribed just in case. The only thing that delayed us was the wonderful British bank holiday weather. We had to wait an hour before we could set off to Papworth because of a tremendous thunderstorm. The rain was flowing in torrents down the main road like a river and it was pouring in through an air vent like a waterfall into our bathroom, fortunately over the bath so it didn't cause too much damage. It was maybe just as well that we hadn't set off up to the Lake District.

In the Orchard at Askham

We delayed for a day or two, just in case things deteriorated, but thank goodness things seemed to have been nipped in the bud and off we went to Cumbria. Here we visited Askham Hall Gardens and a few of our favourite places and we also went to see my mum and dad in Lancashire. My dad is still really poorly.

Relaxing on the beach at Sandbanks
Last minute preparations in the flat
When we came home, it was time to get Rose ready to go to university. Rose did a lot of this herself as she knows it is hard for me to go shopping in bulk and for any length of time. We had given a lot of thought as to how I was going to manage taking Rose to university. Bournemouth is a journey of about two to two and a half hours from us, so from the start I knew I would not manage this in a day, like others might. I also needed to allow for the exhaustion of getting ready to go and travelling and also for if I might be having a bad day illness wise on the day. I really wanted to go with Rose and Rob and see where she would be staying and where she would be studying, so we made a plan. We booked a flat in nearby Sandbanks for three nights. That would give me a day to get there and rest before we moved Rose into her accommodation the following day, then an evening to rest and Sunday to relax before we went back home. This allowed also for plan B, if I was too unwell to help her move in, I would be able to just rest in the flat, help myself to food and drink when I wanted and potter about while Rose and Rob did the 'moving in'. I would then have Sunday to go and see where she was staying before we went home.


Kites at Sandbanks

Boats at Christchurch
When it actually came to it, I was feeling pretty good because we had paced everything and I helped her with her move and then we had an enjoyable two days before returning home. With a bit of extra thought and planning our mission was accomplished! I felt like a proper mum.  All in all we had a really successful weekend, Rose was happily moved into her new digs and we had a chance to explore Sandbanks, Poole and Christchurch.  

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