Saturday, 25 August 2012

An Appointment with the Ear, Nose and Throat Consultant

Late August colour at Knebworth House 
After waiting three months, partly due to the fact that I had to cancel an appointment because we were away on holiday, my date with the ENT Consultant at the local hospital came round. It was a very busy department and despite there being signs to say there were hearing tests going on there were kids running riot and shouting and bawling at the top of their voices at one another and their parents just sat there watching or shouting at them as well to no avail. There was one very mean looking lady 'f'' ing and blinding at staff on reception and most strangely  for a hospital at least half a dozen various hospital staff standing around outside the consultant rooms chatting and making as much noise.

Golden yellow hues
I was whisked very promptly for a hearing test, something that I didn't expect, but was routine and appropriate so the consultant had information before I saw him. While waiting for the consultant we were approached by a very polite gentleman trying to get us to sign up for a regular hospital newsletter. Being a bit of a cynic about this hospital, I could only think, 'why on earth would I want to be reading about this hospital every month, when I spend most of my time trying to avoid having to go there'! However, much to the amusement of Rob, I was very polite to him. What made us laugh even more was that his title was 'Head of Engagement' and we were left wondering how many people actually worked in 'Engagement'. I had a bit of the feeling that this is what the 'overblown NHS' is about that is always being bandied around in the papers. What with that and all the staff hanging around doing absolutely nothing, I couldn't help but wonder that they should all be sent down to the A and E Department to help out there and see what the real world is like for some medical staff.

When I went into the consultant, I was accompanied by one of these staff who had been hanging out, who shunted Rob to a seat in the back of the room, while she took a place next to me. The consultant was very pleasant and immediately told me my hearing was fine as he believed I was worried about my hearing. Well, if you've read my earlier blogs, you will know that this is nothing of the case. I was worried about something being wrong with my ear as following my incident with frightening heart palpitations and dizziness back in last October, things had been put down to me perhaps having an inner ear disorder and never really got to the bottom off. I continued with dizziness for a while and was left with a fullness feeling in my ear and sometimes some light tinnitus when I am laid flat. I explained my worry had been that there was still something wrong with my ear, as I have other serious health problems and did not want it blowing up again if there was. He just seemed to do a token nod at this, gave a quick look in my ear, said everything looked ok and there was nothing to worry over, but he would keep me on his list and call me back in a few months time if it went on longer. Maybe then he might think of referring me for a scan. I was then dismissed. The lady who was supposedly helping him was given a piece of paper to hand to reception on our departure!

and pinks!
I don't know why, but somehow I didn't feel entirely happy with this, whether it is because I have been dismissed as not having something to worry about before and then it was too late for me when I did eventually find out I had been walking round with a deadly disease inside me for years or whether it was because I hadn't ever really had closure on this so called 'ear' incident, which had caused me much distress both at the time and afterwards in that I had completely missed my sister's wedding. Anyhow, I felt a bit upset when I got home, but reasoned if its still feeling like that when I go back in four months time I will go in with a bit more fight in me.

As I write this we should be on the road to the Lake District, but last night I started having pain inside near where my Hickman Line goes in. We decided to delay and as the pain has continued this morning and doesn't seem worse, but doesn't seem to be going away. I have phoned Papworth and am now awaiting their advice. I know it will probably be go to A and E and am not looking forward to this on a Bank Holiday weekend. I hope at best it will be to come into them and they will swab it and do blood cultures for me.


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