Friday, 19 April 2013

Sunshine and Flowers and a Bit of Cake

April is meant to be the month of sunshine and showers, but for me, this week has been sunshine and flowers, oh and perhaps a bit of cake!

Pudding surprise
Surprise flowers from a good friend
I have celebrated  a lovely birthday this week with my family and been thoroughly spoiled. We went out for a family meal on Sunday to the Red Lion pub in Welwyn and enjoyed a lovely Sunday roast. Oli got them to do a special 'Happy Birthday' pudding for me, which was a lovely touch. I didn't really think much of it when he disappeared to organise it while we were having drinks, other than to keep asking where had he disappeared to, saying that he'd gone in the wrong direction for the toilets and eventually they just told me he was talking to someone. Well he is always talking to anybody and everybody, so I bought that line easily and the pudding was a nice surprise! I nearly scuppered his idea though when I said I didn't want a pudding and just ordered a cup of tea when all the others were giving their pudding orders, but the waiter was quick thinking and saved the day by persuading me to have a little ice cream at least. It turned out they were only all ordering puddings, so I could have my birthday one!

A thoughtful pressie from Oli and Sarah
Flowers from Rose
We spent the rest of the afternoon in the garden and they insisted I open a few of my pressies as Sarah and Oli would both be at work on my actual birthday.

We also enjoyed some lovely cupcakes that Sarah and Oli had chosen for me, they were all very tempting and different flavours, so it was hard to pick which one to have!

First warm, sunny day of the year, at last enjoying the summerhouse and garden!

Yes I can see myself!
Palm House
On Tuesday I had a visit to the warfarin clinic, which was soon done and dusted and then as it was my birthday Rob had planned to take me to Kew Gardens, a place I've always wanted to go to, which is on my list of places to visit this year. It was a mild, but windy day and there was plenty of sunshine around. Kew Gardens did not disappoint and as Rob gave me a new camera for my birthday, it gave me a great opportunity to practice my photograghy skills.

Kew Gardens is a World Heritage Site and houses one of the world's largest and most diverse botanical collections and it's a beautiful place to visit in spring with some magnificent displays. I think we took enough photographs to make an album on it's own, which I'm going to do and I think we are already planning another visit as there is so much to see there and we didn't have time for everything. It will also be totally different in another season.

Here are a few of the photographs, which hopefully will show how stunning this place is.

Magnolia in the sky

 Inside the Temperate House

Overflowing with blossom

The world's largest surviving Victorian glass structure

Water lily pond

Is it snowing again?

I'm just an old greenhouse!

Princess of Wales Conservatory

Kew Palace

This week has been such an uplifting and enjoyable one and my birthday celebrations have seemed to carry on every day. I'm grateful I have been well enough to enjoy it to the full with my family and friends. I certainly got the warm sunshine and flowers I've been waiting for!

Kew Gardens: disabled parking and it's free; nice and flat for a wheelchair; you can borrow a wheelchair or scooter when you get there; concessions for disabled and their carers; most of it easily accessible; plenty of cafes and benches to take a rest; plenty of those all important loos and a couple of nice gift shops and that's on top of all the magnificent scenery! 

Who said I can't go anywhere exotic anymore!
It's been 579 days of trying to live life to the full and trying to keep well while waiting, I've been lucky to get this far and value every day I stay well. Please sign up to be an organ donor, if you have not yet done so; the link is below.

A sweeping carpet of early bluebells

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