Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Sculptures and Dinosaurs

It's been another busy week. We had a great weekend when my sister and her family came to stay and we spent some time at Knebworth Park where they have a sculpture display in the gardens, a dinosaur trail and an adventure playground. It's a really good place to take the children and keep them entertained while we have a good time too. 

It felt great to be able to wander around the grounds and trail with everyone and actually keep up with a 4 year old and an 11 year old - well nearly - as you will see from the photos they are very active! 

There were some interesting sculptures plus a few dinosaurs lurking in the bushes! 

We had a bit of fun in the adventure area, but I decided to give the slides a miss, although it did look like good fun and I was half tempted! Maybe another time!

The best thing was that it had been quite a stormy and wet day and we only went when the weather had cleared up and it was later in the afternoon. It was lovely and quiet and we had the place to ourselves more or less, so there were no crowds or queues for anything. 

Wednesday and I was back at Papworth for my blood tests to check that my change in medication is going ok and that my white blood cell count has improved. The policy is that you have the bloods tests done and then if they need to make any adjustments they phone you. If they don't phone within the next day or two you assume that everything is fine. They didn't phone so I'm assuming I'm all back on track and shouldn't need to go back now until the end of September, which is good news. 

When I arrived at clinic, the transplant co - ordinator was waiting to see us and we were both surprised and delighted to receive a letter from my donor's family. Clinic was busy and there were no quiet rooms available were we could go and read it, so we went down to the lovely little quiet room next to the chapel. It is where Rob and the girls used to go for some refuge when I was in ITU. We had some peaceful time there to read it. It is a very moving and beautiful letter and we will treasure it. 

After learning more about my donor, I know she was indeed a very special person, but I think I'd somehow always known that. It is thanks to her that I've been able to do and achieve all the things I have this last year and enjoy these special times with my family. 

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