Saturday, 6 September 2014

September and a New Start

Me and my friend Bente
Me and mum

After a wonderful time in the Lake District and spending time with family and friends, I was all ready to get back into some routine - well that's if I can say we've had any routine over the last few years. September always feels like a time to be getting back to normal after a busy summer.

True to form routine doesn't know how to happen in our house. I had had a really bad night - this isn't unusual - one of my drugs can cause insomnia and I can get headache too, but it is managable and usually once I'm up and about things are fine, so off Rob went to work. 

Flowers at Holehird gardens

The headache became worse than usual though and then it was followed by awful sickness that went on and on, so I wasn't sure what was going on: food poisoning, tummy bug or even one of my drugs causing it. 

Sickness is always worrying when you have had a transplant, because you are in trouble right away when it comes to the immunsuppressants. Basically if you don't absorb your immunsuppressants then it can become life threatening. So Rob didn't get to work for too long, probably for about ten minutes before he thought it better to come home. 

Fortunately things improved over a few days, I managed somehow to take my immunosuppressants, so avoided hospital and by Friday we were all back to some normality and ready once again to try and make that new start after summer. 

Swans on Ullswater

September has always been my month for making a new start. I suppose it started with school and the new school year, then when I started work, it was back to college for the work related exams. It carried on when I had the girls and they were starting in a new school year after the summer holidays. It then continued as I became a teacher. September was always a fresh new school year, a fresh start with a brand new group of children to get to know and take through all the steps of the new term and new school year.

It has always been a significant month in my life and now all the more poignant than ever as it is coming up to nearly a year since my transplant and September is the now the month that marks my new start in life, the month I got my life back. 

Lake Distric life!

It feels like time to be getting myself organised now the summer holiday is over. We've been busy making lots of plans: we've got plans for more travels and I'm going to be busy with my book, which will be one of my main priorities for now, as well as continuing to keep on raising awareness of both Pulmonary Hypertension and Organ Donation. We have a few things on the go at the moment starting with next weekend when Rose is taking part in the 'Run to the Beat' once again.

Flowers at Levens

Rose decided to take part in it again once more as a big thank you to all those PH friends of ours, who have given us unstinting support right through my illness and for the overwhelming support I was given through my transplant and this last year. You know who you all are and we cannot thank you all enough!

The race is a little shorter than last year's half marathon, which was at Greenwich and will be a10k run at Wembley Park this year. Rose hopes it will raise more awareness for Pulmonary Hypertension and much needed funds for the PHAUK, the charity which supports all those affected by PH.  

People of all ages are affected by PH including babies and children and as yet there is no cure for this cruel disease. Rose is especially thinking of our dear friend Stacie, who is only 23 years old and has lived with PH since she was a child and is waiting for a heart and double lung transplant. She has been on the waiting list for nearly two and a half years now. 

The PHAUK has been supporting our family throughout all my illness and transplant too and I know we wouldn't be in the place we are today without them. If you wish to sponsor Rose, you can do so on her 'Just Giving' page above. Many, many thanks to everyone who has sponsored her, we really do appreciate your support. 

There is more information about the work of the PHAUK on their website listed below my blog. 

So here is to September, new starts and new beginnings and good luck to everyone starting back at school, college or university and anyone else starting afresh with new things.

This is what organ donation can do -  new starts:new opportunities! 

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