Saturday, 13 December 2014

Show Love Today

My friend Terry, who has had a heart transplant, has made a track called 'Show Love Today' with his band, The Street and Mark Moraghan. He has done it to help raise funds for the British Heart Foundation and to raise awareness of organ donation. He has also managed to get the support of all the Coronation Street cast in the process too!

Coronation St is currently running a story featuring Les Dennis, who plays Michael - Gail's boyfriend. Michael has been struck down with a genetic heart condition. The British Heart Foundation are currently funding much work on genetic causes of heart disease. They gave funding to help the genetic research currently being undertaken by Professor Morrell, at the Cambridge Centre of Research Excellence, on the genetics of Pulmonary Hypertension, so the BHF's research is something close to my heart.

To watch the video and listen to the track click on the link below: it features Terry, myself and some of my transplant friends - some of those we have lost while they waited on the list; some of us who have been lucky enough to receive a transplant and have our lives changed dramatically and those who are still waiting. 

We chose this picture for my picture in the video, as it just about sums up what transplant can do to transform someone's life - from using a wheelchair to kayaking once more, something I thought I would never do again! This moment was one of the highlights of my year post transplant!

There are still 3 people a day dying while they wait for a transplant, so come on, 'Show Love Today' and sign up to the organ donor register. Click below to order the track and support BHF: 

The link to sign up to the register is listed below. 

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