Monday, 9 March 2015

House of Commons and Transplant 2020

Last week I had the exciting opportunity to go to the House of Commons and participate in Transplant 2020's exhibition in the Upper Waiting Hall. 

The event was held to profile Transplant 2020 following its rebrand since Transplant 2013 and raise awareness of organ donation and transplantation amongst MPs and Peers. It was a chance to brief MPs and Peers on the issues surrounding organ donation and Transplantation and share with them NHSBT's 2020 Regional Report Cards. There were also opportunities to encourage MPs to take some action at both local and national levels to try and help improve the rates of organ donation and transplantation. 

Transplant 2020 is a coalition of patient groups, clinical organisations and industry dedicated to raising the consent rate for organ donation in the UK to 80% by 2020- there are still 41% of families refusing to donate a loved one's organs according to data for 2013-2014. 

For me it was a great opportunity to return to the House of Commons feeling well and post transplant. The last time I went there was to speak to MPs and Peers on behalf of Transplant 2013 to explain to them what it was like waiting the long wait on the transplant list. That was back in 2012 and I was in a wheelchair. This time I was able to speak to quite a few MPs and chat about what it was like to have your life transformed through having a transplant. It was also great to speak with my MP Stephen McPartland, who was wholly supportive of our campaign. 

The exhibition was in the Upper Waiting Hall for the whole week, so hopefully we have got many MPs, Peers and visitors talking about organ donation and transplant. 

For more information check out Transplant 2020's website: 

With Stephen McPartland, my MP

With Glynn Davies our sponsoring MP and Nick Torpey, Executive Board, Transplant 2020

My Dechox is going well - I've gone four weeks without chocolate and just over a week without cake, biscuits and puddings - just three weeks left to go now! Thanks to everyone who has sponsored me - not too far to go now to reach my target - just £50 to go...


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