Friday, 31 May 2013

Just Sitting Back and Enjoying Life

This week was a good one. I seem to be have had a little spell this week with no hospital, doctors, clinics or drug deliveries, so that is always good!

We headed back north to the Lake District on Saturday, of course we met up with all the world and his mother going away for the Bank Holiday weekend and first day of the school end of term break. In the past we would have travelled very early in the morning and got to the Lakes by breakfast missing all the traffic, but I can't manage to get up in the early hours and do that anymore. We had had a plan to drive up on Friday evening to try and avoid the heavy traffic, but by the time Friday evening came and I'd got myself packed and ready to go, I'd hit the point of no return and was too tired to contemplate walking to the car let alone travelling. The weather was atrocious too, rain and gales so didn't bode well for a long journey.

So we set off on Saturday morning knowing the traffic was going to be bad. The journey took over six hours and was one of the worst we have had in all our years of travelling back north. But we got there and got ourselves sorted out and unpacked and the weather turned glorious and it was a stunning evening to go down to Arnside and sit by the estuary and enjoy the views with a nice cold drink and a pub dinner. So the day ended well, well pretty much perfect!

Sunday was glorious too and we decided not to travel as far as we originally planned, after the long day travelling on Saturday and we just browsed around locally, enjoying the sunshine, scenery, people watching and some of our favourite pubs. It seems to make everything extra special these days when the sun actually decides to shine, we have had so little of it this year, it is becoming a nice surprise when it does come out and Sunday was one of those days. A day just to sit back and enjoy life!

Monday was back to wet, cold and wind, but we still managed to get out and about in it and Tuesday we drove down to Lancashire to spend some time with my mum for a few days. We thankfully had a better journey home. So all in all a good week and now it's nearly weekend again and the sun is shining again today...

Enjoy the photos

Devil's Bridge Kirby Lonsdale


Dallam Estate, Milnthorpe

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