Thursday, 2 May 2013


Tulips and hyacinths in abundance
Hail, sweet month of May!
Hail, bright month of May!
Bring sunshine with thee,
Chasing clouds away.

March has left us sighing
In cold and chilly blast,
April's tears have fallen,
May has come at last! 

The promise of summer and never ending flowers
Shall we dance?
Roof in the summer house
This week has been a bit of a mixed bag, I seem to be really struggling with the side effects of my drugs much more and we kept planning to go out, but I didn't quite feel well enough for a day or two. The weather was looking quite promising though while Rob was off work so we decided to just get out for an afternoon anyway. We chose to go to Wrest Park in Bedfordshire, which isn't too far from us should I have felt the need to come back home because I wasn't managing. It is an English Heritage property, which has recently been restored, especially the gardens and pathways and several buildings in the grounds of the  mansion. It was a great tonic to get out and about in the sunshine after such a sluggish start to the week. We had a lovely lunch in the cafe there and then I managed to walk for quite a while around the gardens, which I was really pleased about. Rob then took me round the beautiful grounds in my wheelchair. It was peaceful and quiet, with lots of birds singing away as we explored. We both took quite a few photos, as you will see! 

Very grande!

Secret entrance?
What's behind the tree? I could live here!
We had a very nice afternoon tea in the sunshine, they have a lovely sunny patio, and then went for a browse around the Italian Garden, which we had saved until last to see and we weren't disappointed. It was absolutely stunning with daffodils and tulips in abundance. It was worth the visit just to see this part of the garden. We have been to Wrest Park now quite a few times, but never in springtime, it is well worth a visit at different times of year, as the seasons change, it changes too. We finished our day in the gift shop, where we bought some presents for friends and goodies for ourselves. Mr G was in his element sampling damson gin and ginger wine, but I suppose he deserved a treat after pushing me around and up and down everywhere in my wheelchair, so I treated him to a bottle of wine he had a crafty eye on! Most of all it was just such a great lift to my spirits to have managed to go out and about and see such lovely scenery.       

'Where flowers bloom so does hope' - Lady Bird Johnson

'Each flower is a soul opening out to nature' - Gerald De Nerval
May came on Wednesday and with it a lovely blast of warm sunshine, again really welcome and uplifting and a few days of just resting and enjoying the sunshine in the garden to follow, just the tonic when you don't feel your best. We couldn't have had a better start to May. It is always a month that fills me full of anticipation for summer and those warm summer nights and summer holidays aren't too far out of reach anymore. Now I don't work anymore, I'm getting ready to savour the whole of summer and make the most of it.
Just peeking through the fence

Sometimes a never ending path

This sun is so lovely!

Room with a view
I got a letter this morning confirming some of my conversation with the Transplant Consultant last week, we had discussed the possibility of my just having a double lung transplant rather than a heart and double lung transplant, which may be quicker as waiting for a heart and double lungs is a long, long wait. It is possible, but in my particular case comes with much higher short and long term risks than the heart and double lung transplant. I am hoping against all hope that this won't need to happen and that the lottery of waiting for three organs will eventually happen for me. It is still the safest option for me.    

We have now got to May 2013 and it's been 592 days of waiting. May is a month full of hope and promise, so with the start of this new month comes the start of a renewed and quietly determined hope. And if that all and ever important call doesn't come through yet, then I am so looking forward to enjoying the summer!

 Please register to be an organ donor, the link can be found below.

The world's favourite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May - Edwin Way Teale. Well we will see!


  1. I hope May really is your month Kath! 592 days is really far too long xoxo

  2. Thanks Stacie, it would be good wouldn't it? For both of us!