Monday, 3 March 2014

Beach Life

I've been wanting to take a walk along a beach for a while now I can actually go for a walk and it's only the rain and gales that have been stopping me so far. Saturday was a beautiful day and we spent an  uplifting afternoon on Brancaster Beach in Norfolk. The beach there is just one enormous stretch of sand, flanked by dunes and salt marshes. 

There were plenty of people just enjoying the day and the scenery, but as you can see there was plenty of space for everyone to enjoy their time on the beach. 

                                        The gulls were enjoying the sun and calm of the day too! 

I enjoy just watching the sea rush in and bringing with it some interesting bits and pieces.

I thought this groyne looked like it's got a face! 

There were plenty of shells in all shapes and sizes.

I stopped a while to watch a group of sanderlings chasing the waves, searching the water for food.

Ripples in the sand, neverending, thousands and thousands of them! Shimmering in the sun, making me think of deserts! 

Couldn't resist a little paddle!

Stones, shells, rocks, an assortment of bits and pieces.

I can stare at and stare at and watch and watch the waves rolling in over and over again. Every single one is different! 

Little seaweed all washed up! 

Lovely views from the sand dunes.

Was this tree washed up or was it blown down? Or both even? 

And someone's fence, again did the sea wash it up or did it get blown here in the gales? Hard to tell on such a calm day. 

Walking along the dunes, peeping at the view! 

A curlew enjoying a feast in the salt marsh behind the dunes.

This one was definitely blown down! 

All washed up, razor shells in their thousands! 

It's getting late and the sea is racing in past the groynes now, hope we don't get cut off! 

The geese are going home, sunset is near! 

Beautiful evening, the sun has just set, time to get back! 

I ended up walking nearly three miles, just ambling, paddling and wandering around until sunset, something I couldn't possibly have managed before my transplant. Never a day goes by where I don't think of my donor and the gift of life I've been given and even more so on a day like Saturday. 

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