Sunday, 16 March 2014

Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

Following on from my last blog and our wet and windy walk around Tarn Hows, the weather perked up for the rest of our time in Cumbria and we made the most of it, getting out and about in the sunshine. I managed to walk a good few miles each day and just enjoyed savouring all the beautiful scenery, countryside and wildlife. I had set myself a goal of trying a different walk each day for the rest of the holiday, trying to build up my fitness and strength even more. 

First stop was another of my favourite places, Arnside, on the south Cumbrian coast. We took a look all the way down the coast path, something I haven't managed for years. 

A view of the viaduct

Lonesome boat! 

Slippy rocks and mud flats - not an easy walk in your wellies! 

Thanks to my donor I was able to to manage this walk and watch the sun go down while I wandered.

We were rewarded with a most spectacular sunset

Next up, we visited Leighton Moss, RSPB reserve. This was featured in BBC's Autumnwatch last year. I visited here last summer and could barely walk round and could only manage to get to the nearest bird hide. Guess who was marching round this time and doing the whole rounds, visiting all the hides on the site? 

I could never have dreamed to walk all the way down here and back - and that was just the beginning bit! 

A few friends joined me on my travels. There are supposed to be rare birds here such as bitterns, but they didn't come out for me. Never mind, they missed me too - it was reported in the news this week that just 6 heart and lung transplants were done last year and I was one - I think that makes me a rare species too! 

A cheeky robin! 

This female pheasant decided to climb on a fallen tree and pose perfectly for the camera!

Another poser! 

On our last day we walked around Levens Deer Park. The last time I came here was just before I found out I was ill. I couldn't understand why I was so tired and had to keep stopping. When I finished the walk I almost fell in the car with complete exhaustion and had to go to bed when I got home. I thought I was just unfit! Little did I know what was to come and perhaps it was just as well! 

Here I am though, back again, well I didn't think I'd get all the way up here once more! 

Even the deer were surprised to see me! What's she doing back? 

Beautiful views.

Followed by yet another glorious sunset.

We finished our holiday with a visit to my mum's in Lancashire. We met up with my sister and her family and enjoyed a lovely Sunday afternoon catching up on all our news and being entertained by Ruby and Oliver, my niece and nephew. It's always great to see them all. We took my mum out to Skipton for the day on Monday and had a lovely walk around the town and canal paths. 

Meet Rosie and Jim! 

It was a jam-packed week, where I began to realise I am doing more and more, not only walking a lot further, but achieving a lot more in a day. When I was ill, it was a case of choosing to do one main thing in the day and that would be all I could manage; now I'm managing to be out for hours on end, not needing to rest too much unless there is a cream cake and a cup of tea beckoning! It is all very hard to believe still. 

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