Monday, 24 March 2014

Spring, Daffodils and a Very Special Person

The end of last week was devastating as our PH community learned that our dear friend Lynsey died unexpectedly on Wednesday. It has been such a shock to us all, as a few of us were only chatting to her that very day. I have known Lynsey for almost four years now, spoke to her regularly every week and she gave me lots of support in my early days of diagnosis and supported me throughout my transplant. She readily supported many others, who were struggling with this most cruel disease too. 

Lynsey was going through the transplant process too, which is a difficult one and was carefully considering being listed for her double lung transplant. I think all our hearts go out to her dear husband, Joss and her family and they are all in our thoughts and prayers at this terrible time.

Spring is officially here now and the daffodils are out in abundance. My favourite poem has always been 'The Daffodils' by William Wordsworth. I think it is because it's about getting a glimpse of those first signs of warmer weather and longer days, the signs we all long for after getting through the winter months. I love daffodils too, they are so warm and bright after the dismal and cold of winter and their cheerfulness makes you feel optimistic for the joys of spring and summer. There is a promise about them, when they suddenly appear everywhere. I also love this poem because it was written in the Lake District about the daffodils on the banks of Ullswater.

As I think of this poem, I think of Lynsey, because it was only the other week that she messaged me to ask all about the Lake District, as she and Joss were thinking of holidaying there and I had just come back from the Lakes, where I had bought myself a copy of 'Daffodils'. I am always going to think of her now when I see a daffodil this spring.

Seeing the daffodils this spring time already seemed all the more special after the storms of autumn and winter we have had. This spring has suddenly become an even more poignant time to just value life, our loved ones and all that is around us. For us this weekend, we had Rose back home again and we have enjoyed some quiet family time. We had a lovely walk around Grantchester Meadows and we visited Sarah and Oli in their new home. We enjoyed lunch and a lovely afternoon with everyone at the Papworth PH Matters Supprt Group too. Just simple special times with people we care about.

Last Wednesday I had a good visit to clinic and we celebrated afterwards by visiting Wimpole Home Farm and enjoyed a lovely walk around. The sun was out and there were banks after banks of daffodils. The birds were singing and there were blossoms, hyacinths and cyclamens on show too. It was the day we lost Lynsey, beautiful, warm, sunny and full of life and hope and that is how I will remember her. I think as we all grieve her loss, she would want us to pick ourselves back up again and live our lives to the fullest we can. 

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